International Board Certification in Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care (Diplomate in Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care) for Nurses and Health Practitioners


International Board Certification is a milestone for nurses and health practitioners in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.


Application Requirement for the International Board Certification in Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care

(Diplomate in Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care)


  • Successful completion of the following degrees

    • Doctors of Chiropractic (DC),

    • Naturopathic Doctors (ND),

    • Registered Pharmacists (R.Ph.),

    • Scientists (PhD and similar),

    • Registered Nurses (RN),

    • Nurse Practitioners (NP),

    • Physician Assistants (PA),

    • Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmD),

    • Acupuncturists 

      or foreign equivalent

  • Unrestricted License in the area of your practice

  • CV or Resume

  • Other




Routes to the International Board Certification in Aesthetic Treatment and Skin Care.


Route : "Experience Tract" All aspects of the application process, including candidate application, photos, operative notes, letters of recommendation and all required documents must be scanned and submitted in electronic PDF format via email or Dropbox to


Experience Tract Requirements
  1. Applicant must submit an online application on the website.
  2. Applicant shall submit two current passport type photographs.
  3. Applicant must submit photocopy of current valid license in good standing from the appropriate authority in the jurisdiction of the applicant’s practice.

  4. Applicant must provide documentation of completion of one hundred (100) hours or more of chosen specialty field

  5. Applicant must submit two (2) reference letters from physicians or previous instructors.

  6. Applicant must submit a current copy of his/her curriculum vitae.

  7. Applicant must submit a non-refundable application fee (USD 600).

  8. Applicants must submit six (6) documented Case Summary Reports in their specialties in English with applicant noted as primary surgeon. The condidates can take the written exam before submitting the case reports. These cases must be submited within 5 year counting from the passing date of written exam. On the success of the written exam the candidates will not be grated the international board certification until all case reports submited and approved by the board. Case Summary Reports require, in general, sufficient information to identify the patient, support the diagnosis, justify the treatment, document the post-operative course and results, pre and post-operative photos and promote continuity of care. Specifically case reports should include the date and location of treatment, the name of the primary operator and assistants, vitals, findings, procedures used, specimens removed, operative plan, post operative diagnosis and course including post operative complications and their management, discharge conditions, instructions for follow-up care and such elements as are necessary to assure a high standard of patient care.

  9. Applicants who meet all of the criteria and whose application has been approved by the credentialing committee must pay an examination fee established by the Board of Directors (USD 3,500).

  10. Applicant must successfully complete a written examination. All of the procedures that are considered by the IBAMS to pertain to the specialty checked for examination will be tested on whether or not performed by the candidate. There are no excuses for not knowing everything about all procedures for the specialty selected by the candidate.

  11. Applicants who passed the exam and has been approved by the credentialing committee shall pay 100 USD for the certificate.



The annual diplomate maintenance fee is USD 180 to maintain the diplomate status

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