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Liposuction, Fat Grafing and Fat Augmentaion Training Courses


Our liposuction and fat grafting courses tought by expert physician instructors in their specialties. This courses are one of the most popular and up to date liposuction and fat grafting courses in all around the world. Live surgery and hand-on training is an essential part of our courses. Participants will be trained in actual operation room setting by experienced surgeons.

liposuction training courses fat graft
IBAMS Profesional Certificate in Liposuction and Body Contouring
(1day, USD 2,500)


  • Live surgeries

  • Surgical techniques & area specific surgical techniques.

  • Anatomy for liposuction

  • Fat metabolism and physiology

  • Pre-operative evaluation & avoiding pitfalls in patient selection.

  • Initial consultation with patient & pre-operative examination

  • Aesthetic analysis fo the face and body for liposcupture

  • Liposuction techniques and basic principle

  • Tumescent anesthesia and general anesthesia for lipsuction

  • Area specific liposculpture (Face, body and extremities)

  • Extensive review of complications and their prevention

  • Optimal post-operative care

  • Successful & ethical marketing techniques

  • Equipment evaluation in setting up your practice


IBAMS Profesional Certificate in Liposuction and Body Contouring

IBAMS Professional Certificate in Facial Fat Grafting
(1day, USD 2,500)


  • Anatomical Highlights.

  • Guidelines for safe and effective fat grafting.

  • Techniques for harvesting - Processing - Placement.

  • Techniques for storage and how to keep the graft alive.

  • Different facial areas. 

  • Selection of patients.

  • Pre and Post operative care.

  • Live surgery and workshop

IBAMS Professional Certificate in Breast Fat Grafting
(1day, USD 2,500)


Breast fat grafting is very technique dependent. These instructional workshops demonstrate proven techniques that ensure survival of large graft volumes. Through direct closed interaction in the operating room, experienced physician instructors will reveal their technical tips for safety, efficiency and reliability. To show entire process and results, workshop includes live office consultation and live surgery. This is an intensive educational experience with didactic lectures and open face to face discussions. Invited expert faculty will bring participants up to date with the latest developments in breast surgery and fat grafting.


IBAMS Profesional Certificate in Blepharoplasty
(1day, USD 2,500)


  • Surgical Anatomy

  • Principle  and Design of Blepharoplasty

  • Upper Blepharoplasty Surgical Technique

  • Lower Blepharoplasty Surgical Technique

  • Complication and management

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